Live Tour Tickets

Want the best tours in Salem at the best prices? We've got you covered!
Are you interested in discounted ticket packages with more than one attraction? Both tours below are available through the Haunted Neighborhood during October. Click here to view available discounted packages.
Candlelit Ghostly Waking Tour
$15 Adults
$10 Youth & Seniors
  • July 1 - Labor Day // Nightly at 7:30
  • October 1 - October 31 // Friday, Saturday, and Sunday starting at 5pm, tour runs every 30 minutes. Monday-Thursday tours available nightly, please visit locaiton for weekday times.
  • This guided tour walks the streets of historic Salem taking you to many of our most haunted houses and locations. Our guides discuss the history of the buildings as well as their accounts of spirit activity. You will be advised on the best methods of ghost photography as well as the different types of spectral evidence that appear on people's home photography. Some highlights of our tour are the Joshua Ward House, the Howard St. Cemetery and Old Salem Prison and the Lyceum.
  • Purchase Friday and Saturday in October Walking Tour Tickets Below. Other nights are available for in person sale.

Within A Witching Hour
$9 Adults
$8 Youth & Seniors
  • October 1 - October 31 // Friday, Saturday, Sunday starting at 12 pm, tour runs every 20 minutes
  • A live presentation by a real practicing witch. She will take you through all the steps of a ritual circle from creating sacred space, to magical working to releasing your spells. Participation is welcomed. What we call infotainment. So come enter the temple. Followed by Q + A time permitting
  • Purchase Spellcasting Tickets Below